Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Scott Pilgrim Got me back to the comic shop.

I've been gone awhile. No big secret there. In fact, I haven't read a weekly-issue comic book in ages. They're sitting on my shelves, waiting to be organized and read, and I just haven't had the motivation. I didn't even have the motivation to go to the store to pick up my subs.


Not sure. Money became tight for a bit, and shelling out $30 a week, or more, just wasn't as viable for me. Blackest Night ended and Lian Harper died and Ollie killed a dude and Steve Rogers was back and Barry Allen was back and Bruce Wayne was on his way back, while Batwoman ended up off the pages of Detective Comics, Bart Allen was stuck as Kid Flash, and there were five billion new Avenger teams to follow. So there wasn't a lot drawing me to the titles I'd followed.

Then I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I'd never read the books before, but the adorable story and styling of the movie interested me. It's hard for me, in my cynical old age (har har)to really get behind another dorky-dude-gets-the-awesome-girl heterosexual love story. But this dorky dude wasn't exactly dorky. Or he was, but it was the sort of dork I saw in myself. Because what dork doesn't want to be the best fighter in the province? Right?

So I thought to myself "I will go buy these books and see if they are as enjoyable as the movie". So far, yes (obviously, as source tends to be better than adaptation usually). And while I was in the comic shop, I picked up all the books that had been waiting for me for months.

And a Flash plushie (in my mind, that's Bart).

So I'm back. And I've decided I'm going to expand my discussion a little from comics and comic-related things to other Stuff I Like. Science fiction, video games, television, movies, and the occasional random pop culture bit of fluff. I've been heavy into video games lately, and I have a a few things I want to say - mostly about Mass Effect - about those. It'll keep me posting more regularly as I catch up with what brought be here in the first place, comic books.

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  1. What I didn't like with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was the fact that Scott at first seemed totally cool with bisexuality, so cool in fact that it turns out he didn't get the hint(s) (if you can call something as blatant a hint). And then he makes a whole thing out of it.

    The movie contain a wast amount of nerdiness though, which made me live in a happy place where nerdy giggles is currency. <3