Monday, February 22, 2010

If anyone needs me, I'll be in random places.

Atlanta right now, and I'm heading to LA on Thursday for the Gallifrey One Convention (that's Doctor Who talk). There are a few comic-specific panels (including one on 70 years of Marvel Comics, with Marv Wolfman) which I plan to live tweet (if I can get a signal in the rooms). Either way, I'll do a write up of what's said.

In the meantime, I finally read last week's comics (Barry's mini-speech to Bart almost made me cry on the plane), and will be missing this week's because they're being pulled for me back home.

Also, there was that whole True Geek Confession thing last week, and I wanted to do it and forgot, so I think I'll get that written up at some point this week.

Just a quick update. Off I go. Am.

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