Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Miscellany

In the interest of having at least one or two posts a week, I've decided to give myself some kind of schedule. The schedule will involve a reaction to my weekly haul, usually Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and then some kind of post where I, like, answer a question. This is totally a rip off of the Fantastic Fangirls, which I wholeheartedly admit, but I'll use different questions.

Unless theirs are good.

(Or they tell me to stop.)

I also have some other things I really want to write about, like the Dynamite Athena book (confusing up until the last page which just enraged me), the end of the first arc of Batgirl, and Manhunter. MANHUNTER. So I'm going to try to buckle down and get myself into a regular posting habit so there are no more long periods of radio silence.

I drove my friend (a Fangirl) down to the Baltimore Comic-Con last weekend, because I was headed that way for a wedding and wanted company. She got four of my things signed by four artists. Steve Lieber sketched me a Carrie inside of my Whiteout book! Eee! I also got Stuart Immoment (on Secret Identity 1), Terry Moore (Echo TP 1), and Cully Hammer on the cover of the reprint of TEC 854. The one with the cool Batwoman/Question/Lightning thing.

Speaking of comic cons, are there any readers in the Boston area who know anything about the upcoming Boston one? It seems really really small, almost third tier, and considering the huge Anime convention that happens here every year, I'm sort of surprised. It's like it's mainly there to showcase merchants, not artists or writers. I just feel like a city like Boston can pull in some big names. Not to denigrate the guests that are going, but as only a newly-back-in fan, I have a feeling there's not a lot of pull to go to this con for people like me or the casual fan. They also apparently have it twice a year, in October and April, which seems really weird.

So I'm looking for some input on that, if anyone has any. I've been chatting with some people and the consensus is that if Boston had a good con, they'd be all about going. The closest is NY,CCC and that's a circus since comic movies pushed everything more mainstream. A lot of New Englanders go down anyway, or go to Baltimore, or other east coast cons, and I think that's a shame.

Feedback! Go to it. (General feedback on comic con experiences, including small cons would be appreciated too. ;) )

And that's it for this Saturday morning. I'll be back regularly, though. Thanks for your patience.

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