Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The characterization hurts. It hurts so badly I use capslock.

Okay, so I think I've said before that Young Justice is pretty much my favorite superhero team, right? Well, they are. Like the Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, Impulse version.

If I haven't, well. Young Justice is pretty much my favorite superhero team. Probably because I was a teenager when they were wandering around be heroic teenagers, so clearly I was in the target demographic (except for being a female and gay, but that's neither here nor there... sorta).

So I'm pretty excited that Bart's alive, Kon's alive, and Tim's doing his own thing. Cassie's being kind of kick ass on a terrible version of the Teen Titans, and Cissie is - well, nothing, except for an oddly out of character appearance where she randomly offers to put the mask back on "anytime" to help out Cassie. Yeah, I don't know.

Naturally, then, I bought this week's Adventure Comics #1. Hey, Superboy was my favorite during Reign of the Supermen, so I feel like I've been with him the whole time, right? THe Legion back up sort of confused me a little, but that may have been the massively huge roster it seems to have. And the crazy dude. I dunno. Starman? To me Starman is Kevin Flynn, but whatever. He was wandering around that whole movie with Marion Ravenwood, so I'm certainly not someone to look to for any sort of legitimacy.

Um, anyway.

I mostly want to talk about Red Robin #3, which I also picked up.

Oh, first: I love the art in Adventure Comics. Love it. It's a style I really really enjoy. And I like the slightly-more-complex Kon that appears to be gracing the pages, plot-wise. Also, Krypto is both annoying and adorable. Perfect!

So RR 3. Blah blah Grail, blah blah Ra's. What really got me was how this title is turning into the "let's alienate Tim from everyone ever" story. It just makes no sense. I can get Dick not beleiving him, and I can get the frustration over Damian being chosen as Robin. But I can not get what happened this week with Wonder Girl.

So Cassie stops by to tell Tim that he's not alone. For about thirty seconds, until he tells her Batman is alive.

And then she doesn't believe him.


Look, I understand that continuity is sort of fluid and whatever, but it is my understanding that this story is taking place after Flash: Rebirth (because it's concurrent with Blackest Night, and BN is definitely after the will-apparently-never-be-finished Rebirth).

So haven't Tim and Cassie both seen Bart?

"We've been through this before... with your friends." Yes, and then THE FRIENDS CAME BACK TO LIFE.

Sort of like everyone else and their mother, but we can ignore them (Hal, Barry, um... SUPERMAN), because BART AND KON ARE ALIVE.

Even if they've only seen Bart (and you'd think that'd be enough), Bart and Kon came back at the same time, so you'd think Bart would mention that Kon's alive. And, y'know, even if RR takes place before Superboy, fine. Except they know Bart is alive. So her whole entire disbelief of him is absurd. Besides the fact that I don't think Cassie would do that anyway.

This makes me dislike the plot of the entire title. Before it was dark and broody and even though I knew where it was going (to Ra's), I didn't mind because I wanted to take that trip. Now it's sort of stupid. So he has no friends (I'm sure somehow Kon will disbelieve him next month, even though Kon came back from the dead himself) so he gets angrier?

I don't know. I'll stick with it through the appearance of Superboy and see how that goes, but man, what a disappointment issue 3 was.

Also I'm impatient for my Kid Flash (sigh) ongoing. But you probably knew that already.

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